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Thread: A real Australian joke!

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    A real Australian joke!

    A Northern Territory farm hand (an Aboriginal) radios back to the farm manager.

    "Boss, I gotta helluva problem here.
    I hit a pig with the Ute.
    The pig's OK, but he's stuck in the bull bar at the front of my Ute and is wriggling and squealing so much I can't get him out."

    The manager says, "Ok, there's a ....303 rifle behind the seat.
    Take it; shoot the pig in the head and you'll be able to remove him."

    Five minutes later the farm hand calls back, "I did what you said Boss.
    Took the 303, shot the pig in the head and removed him from the bull-bar.
    No problem there, but I still can't go on."
    "Now what's the problem?" raged the Manager.

    "Well boss, it's his motorbike.
    The flashing blue light is stuck under the right-front wheel arch."
    "You there Boss???..."

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    Nice one.
    Have taken the liberty of copying and sending to a mate in Aus'.

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    aussie jackaroo chating up a bird in the pub. tries to get her to come back to his for a bit of action. she is quite keen but a little avaisive saying next week for sure but not this week. he keeps on and demands a reason. she says look if you must know, im on my menstrual cycle. he says, is that all? no worries just throw it in the back of the ute.

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