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Thread: lamp gun mount

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    lamp gun mount

    hi does anyone no if you can buy a Clulite Master Lite Supreme LED Gun Light Kit
    mount on its own

    i am only after the gun mount or something than can be mounted to the scope witch can be ajusted for beam focus

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    could also try giving them a ring say you bought their product ML7 and now want to put it on a gun .I broke a bit for my shootalite any they were very helpful

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    Cluson have always been happy to sell any spares / adapters for their full range - I'm sure they will send you exactly what you need. Find the right bits online and give 'em a call. Job sorted easily.

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    111Not the case!!!!!

    Certainlty not at last years CLA. The Cluson gun mount is the dogs ******** and we use them on our Tiablo's/Fenix cause they are better torches than the Cluson. No matter how we have tried we have been unable to purchase the 1" holder. I had a heated discussion with the MD on the stand. I know of several torch suppliers who wanted to purchase commercial quantities to sell to allow cyclists to mount torches on handle bars and they would not supply them!!

    If anybody has a way of getting hold of the said 1" dia mount that is screwed into the top of the ball joint then please can they get me 3!!!

    Most LED torches are 24-25mm body diameter so fit nicely in the cluson top mount.


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    Bow:- A.N.T. supplies do a figure of "8" ABS clamp with central thumb screw type fixing for quick removal at 12. plus the usual postage, when you get on site scroll down to "mounts/clamps" and away you go. Hope this helps.

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    cheers lads will have a look,

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