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Thread: People required for dsc1 course - midlothian

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    People required for dsc1 course - midlothian

    I have contacted the BDS South East Scotland who are prepared to run a DSC1 course in Dalkeith if there are 16 people to make it viable.

    I am assuming the costs will be the same as on their website :

    If a course is available by other organisations which is cheaper or an assessment only day then I am happy to explore that option. At the moment I am just trying to generate some interest to make it worthwhile any organisation putting on a course.

    If anyone is interested then just reply to the post and I will get back to you once it looks like we can get 16 people. I will post this topic on other forums to. Hopefully we can get something organised for September.

    ATB Dave
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    Contact Gazza or Jimbo from the site they are running one for your area and it only costs 90 .Also included was a talk in day with RR and a practice shooting and safty walk.

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    Thanks for the info. I have contacted Gazza, and will edit my post.

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    what are the dates and what is the final cost

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    Dave do WLDMG still require it to be 16 people?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davie_M View Post
    what are the dates and what is the final cost
    I don't have dates yet I need to generate some interest first....but it is a bit like the 'chicken & egg' as to which should come first !

    BDS said 'possibly' Sept and WLDMG 'possibly June. If it was an assessment day only then cost should be roughly 90-100. IF it is a 2 or 3 day course then could be 250-300.

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    90 pounds sounds good al you need to do is study simples

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    I have asked the this space.

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    Just to make things clear here. WLDMG in conjunction with other DMGs in Central Scotland are organising a one day assessment only for level 1 (presently fully booked) but this venture is principally for the members of the DMGs. The business of the DMG is local deer management and not running level 1 courses. More assessment days may well be organised but this will be dictated by the requirements of the Group members.
    Anyone who is a stalker and resides in West Lothian or has stalking interests in West Lothian are welcome to join (contact Oilmanjd for application form). The Group will assist with training as required but you must be willing to commit to the aims and objectives of the Group.

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    I am new to the forum Dave and live in Midlothian. It would have been far more convenient for me to do the course in Dalkeith but I am half way through mine at Borders College at Newtown St.Boswells. Not to Worry. Hope you manage to fill the places up.

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