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Thread: Monday evening

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    Monday evening

    Travelled down to deepest Somerset for a chance to stalk in some very picturesque landscape ,the permission of a mate off the site .Ive been here before so knew the general layout but not having shot a buck here yet ,this evening was one to remember .We started on the higher ground from where a perfect view of the lower fields can be had .Saw nothing on the higher ground but Local ,having the knowledge of the place ,spotted a buck and doe feeding along a hedge in one of the many patchwork fields below us and a plan was made to get in a bit closer .This involved backtracking to the farm and coming in down wind of their position .We arrived in the field with the wind perfect but still unsighted as the field rolls over from the gateway .A stoop brought us to a glassable position where my mate established the doe had sat down but no sign of the buck .Nothing for it but to wait and i took the opportunity to crawl in closer in the long grass .The doe eventually stood and fed out into the grass a bit but still no show from the buck .My mate crawled in beside me and said hed seen the bucks head in the hedge and after a short while he appeared from a fold in the hedgeline only to walk a few steps and disappear through a gap followed by the doe .Not good but plan B was quickly unfolded to get us back on terms .Ducking through a gap to our right we went around the headland to another gap left that brought us within 150yds of the pair .Just about to pull the trigger when they moved off again ,this time under a fence with the doe going right handed and the buck left.Another wait to see what transpired and a decision to stalk in closer to ambush his return to the doe as expected . Didnt get 20 yds when he poked his head around the end of the hedge and clocked us straight away ,running out into the next field taking the doe with him but this was when luck favoued us as a dog walker suddenly entered the far corner of this field but a long way from us and called her spaniels to heel on seeing the deer we think and departed the feildthe same way ashe came in .The deer on hearing the voices came back into the field we were in and stood looking back at the now departed walker .Mate told me to take him now and i needed no encouragement to get on the pod ,Steadied a shot at roughly 110 yds and saw the buck slump forward and run about 30 yds to fall dead ,shot through the heart .Perfect stalk in the presence of someone who knows his ground .It was a first for me too ,a seven pointer with a tear drop over the left pedicle ,a nice big buck too .

    Back to the car with the light fading fast and got the gear ready for a lamp about ,trying for a fox that is bothering the farmers wifes chicken .Straight to the hen coups and lamped a fox straight away at distance.i squeeked and two more foxes appeared but as is the case with a few about ,they never really committed to coming in .never mind as i was confident we could closer and managed to get to a bank looking down where one of the foxes was squat at no more than 60yds away .On the pod and first fox in the bag .It had a dead chicken at its feet too freshly killed so a bit of god done there

    Back to the lower ground and a squeak which produced another that come in fast only to stop behind a hedge as they unfuriatingly do .Nothing for it but to go to a gap in hedge and have a look .He was about 20 yds out but ran as i pushed into the gap too .I got on a fence post and shot him just on the move as he got to a hole in the hedge about 20 yds futher on.

    Farmers wife well pleased when we saw her in the yard and another good trip out .Cheers mate :victory

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    A great day foxdropper, very nice buck & a bonus 2 foxes, nice shooting & well in with the farmers wife.


    Life should be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving skidding in sideways, Merlot in one hand, Cigar in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO what a ride!

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    Well done and good shooting. It looks like you have been having fun

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    well done nice looking buck and keeping farmer happy with 2 foxes thats what this sport is all about well done again

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