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Thread: FAC rated air rifle

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    FAC rated air rifle

    Hi guys,
    My FAC is up for renewal soon and I was thinking of putting a slot on it for a FAC rated air rifle. DO i need to specify ftlbs or just calibre on my aplication?
    Do I put 1 FAC rated air rifle or 1 30ftlbs air rifle?


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    Just put rifle air.22 no need for ft lbs mine is 60ft lbs yours martyn

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    Alright then,
    Do i need to ask for a moderator for one and what the hell am i supposed to enter in the amunition section?
    Regards, Ezzy

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    If you want a moderator then yes, you need to ask for another slot for that.

    Ammo is never recorded, so no need to specify.

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    Correct, just have to specify caliber and moddy. FAC air guns are OK, resale value are crap. If you have a sub 12ftlb air rifle upped to FAC you can never have it dropped back down to a legal one.

    I have a .177 FAC Daystate, runs at 19ft lb. Deadly but like pushing knitting needles through quarry, very unforgiving with misplaced shots.


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    I shoot Rabbits and Crows on a couple of golf courses. I allready have a .22lr which is fine for most of it but there are a couple of places where i wouldn't dare shoot a .22.
    Last year i got asked to thin out the rabbits at a massive house up the road that is owned by the local estate agent that deals with all the farmers. when i got there i found that the whole place is right on top of a hill and no chance of using the rimfire so i used my .177 weirach 97k to shoot a few but bacause it is all short grass i couldn't get much closer that 45yds in a lot of places. I am going to put a .22 fac air rifle on my ticket and just keep an eye out for a second hand rifle. i'm in no rush. I dont need something 60ftlbs as i have a .22 but i think around 30ftlbs should be right.

    Cheers for the advice lads, Ezzy

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    My advice would be to keep your eye out for a second hand theoben rapid seven. I got a mint mk1 for 400. It's 32ft lb. Very accurate and 60 shots per fill, ideal for areas where 22 lr is too powerfull. If you go on rapid seven owners club web site there is lots of advice and the odd second had rifle.
    Regards Oli

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    I can second the above, a little heavy, but I found the one I had running at 29ft lbs, seemed to knock out rabbits more efficiently than the LR.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    There is always one or two advertised in Shooting Sports. The later Theobens are very good, as are the BSA. Air guns BB's might be a good source of info.

    I saw quite a few S/H at the Midland Game Fair last year. 30 ft lb in .22 would do nicely, however mine in .177 runs at about 1,000 fps so is very flat and using RWS FTS 10.5grn pellets is very effective on rabbits with head shots.


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    My first FAC rifles were air rifles - mostly Theoben Rapids. If you can find one, the absolute best calibre for rabbits and other vermin is .20 running at around 25ft/lbs, preferably with a BTAS regulator. Incredibly accurate and efficient out to 70+ yards. Pellets can be hard to find but have the advantage of being orderable by post.

    Otherwise, BAS Super 10s are worth a look too, particularly if you can find one that has been blueprinted by John Bowkett in Solihull. There are always some FAC bargains to be had on the sales pages.

    I wouldn't bother looking at any FAC rifle that wasn't fed via a buddy bottle, as the low shot count from standard tubes PCPs makes them a pain.


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