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Thread: Risk Assessment for Pheasant Shoot

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    Risk Assessment for Pheasant Shoot

    Hi All

    Don't know if this has been done to death or not

    Looking at starting a Risk Assessment for a small Pheasant Syndicate.

    I have got the blanks off the BASC Website, has anyone done one and if so any advice



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    Hi James,
    Never used the Basc one or even done one for shooting, I do however write hundreds in my job.
    Do you really need to do them? they are a lot of work. Remember you need to do them for each activity on the shoot. The form i use for work is more like a graph that plots the Hazard (something with potential to cause harm) and the posible severity. this gives you a score. anything over a certain number requires further controls to reduce the risk. It would be nice if there was an example of a completed one on the BASC site to follow. The idea is to prove you have exersised due diligance. now the corporate manslaughter laws have changed this is going to get more and more important to shoot owners.


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    Qwik answer YES! have an incident and see what happens,who ever runs the syndicate ends up liable,insurance may not be valid etc,not worth the risk.

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    Hi James,

    If you PM me your email I will send you what i have. Like Ezzy its part of my day job



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    Hi James

    PM me your e mail address & I'll send you a copy of the one I did for my shoot.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Rob View Post
    Hi James

    PM me your e mail address & I'll send you a copy of the one I did for my shoot.



    Likewise, I can send you the one we did for ours. Is it important - yes, it is useful - yes.

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    If you visit the document section of the NGO website you will find a generic risk assesment form that you can print and use

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    Dont go down the route the syndicate I was in did with its risk assessment. Just about every activity from roost shooting pigeons to digging a hole in a spud field to ambush pinkies (gawd its tempting to write pikies there! ) was deemed an unacceptable risk that required the presence of at least one other person or a written pre activity safety assessment. The document became a subject of derision and were completely ignored and being unworkable.
    Keep them generic and depend on past proof of safe practice as indicators of adequate control procedures being in place.
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    HI Brian
    Would you please email the risk assessment you have;as we have a small pheasant shoot in south glamorgan
    Thanks Dave Kelly

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