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Thread: Gun shy dog?

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    Gun shy dog?

    Will puppies from a gun-shy bitch be likely to be gun-shy as well? The Dog I think is a FTC and bitche's mother is from someone who works with a lot of dogs.

    I'm thinking it could be just down to the bitch being poorly trained?

    Is it genetic?


    Ps they are labs but I doubt that makes a difference

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    There is a huge difference between a real gun shy dog and one that has not been properly accustomed to gunshot. A true gun shy dog will not only be frightened by gunshot but will more than likely be scared of many things/noises. True gun shy dogs should not be bred from as there is a possibility that this characteristic could well be passed on.

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    My honest opinion is
    no dogs are naturally gunshy
    it is usually how they are introduced as a pup to noise that often determines how the nervous ones react
    if a dog is that nervous as a pup it is often claimed they are gunshy and owners never persist using a diffent method to overcome such shyness
    and like Gazza has pointed out there may be other issues also related to this
    with-in reason the pups should be fine if both are from good proven pedigree lines , but the alarm bells start to ring a little when some one starts to breed from a defected dog
    on paper the lines may be belting and also same litter as the parents may also hav done well
    but if the bitch in this case is showing such a flaw , then I personally would keep looking especially as it is a lab,
    as nervous labs can be aggressive by nature

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    Just remember proper training for noise starts from when the pup hits your door step. Cuboard doors BANG then given food food bowls BANG on the floor FOOD. Favouret toy thrown bang. Play time bang the floor while there are many many ways you can get your pup used to noise. some will not tolerate to much BANGING OR SHOT NOISE.My old dog will stalk with me all day and i can shoot 2 3 -4 Deer and he is happy but he will not sit back while i have a zero session and on the 5th of november and the days before and after he is a very unsettled animal.

    Try and make every bang a good bang thats what my woman says.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    Try and make every bang a good bang thats what my woman says.
    Is that because there is so long in between bangs?? Or is she worried it could be your last bang??? LOL

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    I saw this guy once marching his 9 week old black lab around a busy clay shoot i was watching his dog shaking with fear as the guns were going off
    the fellow was standing next to me and i could not help myself i said to the guy thats ruined your dog then mate!! wat ya mean he said his a toughern him
    @"?><king **** i had to walk away!! let your dog be a puppy first, as mentioned plenty of noise around the house, no rush!!

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    the cure is as follows you and a mate go out mate with shot gun you with dog start 200m+ from your mate get him to fire gun in a safe direction. when you hear the report pat dog give tit bit. Walk closer repeat until you are stood next to your mate and tho dog cant wait for the gun to fire to git its pat and treat.


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    + 1 with Stone


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    Thanks for all the replies! turns out the bitch is a pet. mother from working stock though and it has been bred with a good lab. If I likes what I sees I think I will give it a go!

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    CZ:-I've got CD titled "crash, bang, wallop" it's for training dogs to the noises, as 6 pointer says to do it when they're feeding, the sounds on the CD cover just about every thing from fireworks through to thunder and the volume increases as the CD plays, PM me if you want a copy.

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