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    Hawk bullets

    I found a post about Hawk bullets(, has anyone used them, their a custom maker in Canada. They use annealed copper tube around round nose or points and claim around 80 to 90% weight retention, deep penetration and useualy an exit hole. The bullet weights seem in some cases to go higher than other brands, 270 win, my choice, don't knock it, goes upto 180 gns. Ive read about importing heads from the states and was going to get some Barnes till I read about them penciling in another post. This website has so much imfo for us, theres a huge pool of knowledge out there for us to share. So 270 win, plainsgame what weights, any loads with Hodsgon H4831 sc. My 7 x 57 was ok, but I have a mannlicher proffesional M, I use it every week, best to take a familier rifle. Need heavy bullets though, will find out twist rate, deerwarden.

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    I have shot most of the African Plains game over 6 safaris, many species with a 270. I have also accompanied clients with a 270.

    I always use ordinary Nosler bullets in 150g. Never had a problem, infact I have had clients take trophy bull Kudu with a 270. Shot my Trophy bull Nyala with a 150g nosler 270, and I have also taken Moose in Finland with 270.

    I wouldnt worry too much about fancy bullets, its where you put it thats important, and a good soft nose nosler will do it everytime

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    have to go with sika on this one bullet place ment and the 270 will do the rest

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    Hawk bullets

    Thanks guys, I agree, a gut shot animal, with a .223. up to a .375 etc doesn't know the differance in the calibre, shot placement is everything, the rifle likes nosler ballistic tips loaded to moderate speeds, Ill go with the partion, thanks for you're advice, the animals you took are the same I'll hunt. I believe they do partions up to 160gns and hodgsons list data. many thanks for the replies.

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    Let us know how the trip goes. Which part of Africa are you hunting and who are you going with.

    Are you hunting for Nyala ? make sure you get into the thick bush if the days are overcast, the bigger bulls keep in the cover when the weather is like that. I took mine in April just on the point of the rut near Pongola in Qua Zulu Natal.

    Have a great time, good luck

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    Hawk Bullets

    I went last year to Kwa Natal, a concession/ cattle ranch of about 16,000 hectres called Grobblerskloof near Colenso. I hunted with two P.H.s called Mark Newton and Adam Furniss. Hunted for 10 days, took kudo red hartebeast impala blue wilderbeast and two warthog, all trophy heads. Africa is doen't let go of you, its addictive, you have to go back. I hope to make up a party of four if possible, the rates are very competative and the accomodation great. So next May I hope and want to return, one of my pigs tusks was 10 3/4", big pig, kudo was 52" so nice trophies will post pics on forum later.

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