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Thread: Hello to all

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    Hello to all

    Hi , I've been reading this site for six months or so .Thought I ought join to add my tuppence worth .I have had a rifle (Tikka 595 in .243) for over ten years but use it less than I would like due to family and work commitments. I shoot mainly Roe and foxes though there are getting a few red about so hope to bag one of those soon.I've also shot quite a few fallow up north .I am also in a local shoot with neighbouring farmers.
    Last year a couple of good lifers moved to a small holding nextdoor .The lady said I'm either spreading s**t or banging away with my shot gun or birdscarer and so calls me s**t-bang-steve hence the user name

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    Welcome to the SD Steve, which part of Devon you from? There's getting to be several from D&C on here!
    Cheers, Pete.

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    Hi, enjoy the ride...

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