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Thread: first buck of the seson

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    first buck of the seson

    me and my lad went out this evening to stalk some land on the boundry
    that we havent looked at since the bucks came in .
    I decided to stalk a piece one side of a road a block of about 100 acres
    and sent the boy the other side a piece roughly 80 acres .
    I gave instuctions to not be too fussy unless he spotted a real monster .
    he dropped me off and stalked down over the first field nothing showing
    this being all maize stubble with some nice regrouth of lush grass on the
    headland .
    on entering the second field I spotted a brown figure ranged at 150 yds
    it was a nice six pointer no not the one from up north
    problem was no safe backstop just a hedge so a definite no no
    as i watched him he sussed me stood in the gateway which i was not too
    concerned with as there was no way of gettingat him for a safer angle
    he then started to move right handed which if hed of gone parralel would
    of presented a shot off the sticks at around 150 ish which i would have been
    happy with but no such luck he decided to move off and through the far hedge
    i stalked on round and as i approached the fourth field a lovely much larger six
    pointer clean of velvet ran from behind some hazel up a slope and stopped slightly
    quatering at about 70 yds looking back at me as i slipped the rifle from my shoulder
    and upped the sticks he moved perfectly broadside i wasted no time in steading
    and squeezeing of a round from the 7mm he fell to the shot instantly
    I waited a couple of minutes then sent the gwp off she ran straight to the beast
    as i approached i could see it was a cracking six point buck
    the boy returned with the vechile as i was gralloching and said all hed seen on his side
    was a doe .
    we loaded up and set off for the ten minute drive home a lovely animal to start off
    the season with .
    will upload the picture as soon as i get it sussed .
    regards pete .

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    Nice bit of luck there Pete, nice start for you.

    Loads showing either side of the M5 this week whilst driving between J20 /J23 are you lucky enough to have this patch?


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    Nice start Pete.

    had my first one last week off a newly planted apple orchard. Will put something up after the weekend.


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    A grand way to start the season and he sounds like a good buck - looking forward to seeing the photos.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Well done, Pete. Was that with the new Blaser? Looking forward to catching up with you.

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    Hi pete , was he as good as the one you were looking at last week down my neck of deepest somerset ,ps hurry up with the pics, well done mate.
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    hi bandit no not quite mate hes a good un but not as good as the ones you put in front of me last week
    keep up the good work mate your oviously doing summit right to have that sort of quality about
    regards pete .

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    First of the season

    Nice one pete ,there is always something special about the first roe buck of the season and i think its good of your lad to leave one or two for the old man to have a stalk at

    Hopefully catch up at the next meet

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    hi jon good to hear from you mate yeah the lads training is coing on well
    regards pete .

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    Nice one Pete, see if we can find you a Munty on tommorow

    atb Wayne

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