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Thread: Homo Eorpaeus

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    Homo Eorpaeus

    After 50 years of comunism people in Eastern Europe started talking about "homo sovieticus" - a subtype of human with brain washed off common sense. Some even say a socialist is the lost link between ape and human...
    After all those years people lost their freedom and could not think on their own. There is always the state that would take away their money but provide health care when their ill, pension when old, benefits when unemployed, will educate their children, will decide what to teach their children, when their will go to school and for how long, when and if vaccinate them, etc
    Homo sovieticus spread unfortunatelly to the whole Europe and I would say the whole "civilisation of a white man". Our civilisation used to rule almost the whole world. We conquered both Americas, Africa, Australia, and most of Asia. Why are we now conquerred by other? We lost own principles. In my opinion the most important was latin "volenti non fit injuria". To a willing person, no injury is done. Every man is architect of his own future.

    After all this intro... I am sick of people happy with their variation being handled in 3 days! You are the best examples of Homo Eorpaeus. Dont you question the system? Why on earth we need that? Why we need firearm certificates? I know this is the world we live in... But I feel almost phisical pain filling all these forms and being forced to do that. Dont you?

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    Glogin, have you forgotton to take your tablets?

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    Hmmm well firearms control here in the UK has always been pushed as a crime prevention yet the first firearms control was brought in as the ruling classes feared a revolution as in Russia after WW1 as they knew they had lied to the populace over "A land fit for heroes" they price the firearms certificate beyond the normal working man's reach not stopping them form having one......................... providing they could afford it of course. Shotguns were licensed after a Police Sgt was shot with a revolver by a known criminal, S/A rifles banned after the shooting by Ryan using a pistol..................... notice the pattern!

    It never was about crime prevention as they damned well know criminals don't give a rats arse abotut eh law and will get guns as and when they want/need them. No it's just about control of the general law abiding populace.

    Just like Blair denied the existence of the 1689 Bill or rights when it suited him yet hid behind the same bill when it suited him.

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    Well said Glogin, I've never understood why people praise the police for doing their job. A service that people pay good money for, to have a public servant treat you like a criminal.
    For over 20 years i worked in the concrete repair business. At the start it was easy to get young people to train up and use a bit of common sense. Then came all the paperwork, risk assessments, toolbox talks etc,etc. Suddenly Knowbody thinks for themselves any more, they have to be led.
    I got so tired of having to lead grown men who had to be told how to breath in and out without hurting them selves.
    Risk assessments for pheasant shooting Ffs.
    I'm glad i live out in the Forest where these dickwads don't bother me any more

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