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Thread: Protocol in classified ads

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    Protocol in classified ads

    May I suggest that anyone replyling to 'for sale' ad's posts in the open forum and by private message, that way it allows for a degree of fairness (first person to reply gets the item, subject to funds clearing) and prevents others from wasting thier time by replying when the item has gone. May I also suggest that sellers either delete the ad or mark it as sold once it has been. None of this is too much of a hardship and is only common coutesty and saves everyone time and disapointment. Thanks, JC
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    Good points made and a sensible idea.

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    Agrre the sellers are as bad as athe buyers.

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    Also - please leave the realised price available on the thread.

    That way, we can all get an idea of what value gets achieved for kit!



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