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Thread: Hog Roast Carving

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    Hog Roast Carving

    Not about stalking but I'm sure we've all seen the hog roasts at shows etc. Well my friend is buying one already cooked and was wondering if there were any tips into how to carve them.

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    I've done a couple at family events. I normally arrange them to get delivered in the morning part cooked and finish it off at home. The person providing the pig should be able to offer advice but I've found the best way is to keep everyone away from the crackling first of all.
    Remove the crackling and make sure you have plenty of the silver foil type serving dishes/trays (you can normally buy these at supermarkets) and somewhere to keep the meat warm. Then just make sure you have a decent carving set and start slicing meat. I usually start at the ribs and work back to the leg. There will be so much meat I don't think it will make much difference where you start or how you carve. Sometimes it can be easier and quicker if two of you are carving, one on each side.
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    Local hog roast has one person cutting the meat off in slabs and then they shred it with a couple of carving forks. You can't get decent slices off a whole pig!

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