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Thread: tidy roe buck

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    tidy roe buck

    out yesterday evening and shot this little thing.
    should make a medeal
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    Lovely buck and i am sure it will make a top end medal.

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    Cracking Buck, Definatley a high end medal. Which part of the country was he shot? Well done. FM.

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    Nice buck< best i've seen on here so far this season

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    Very nice indeed, long and particularly symmetrical, its only possible weakness is maybe in the weight. I'm very envious!

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    just boiled up and cleaning up nice. its friend was even bigger whats the best way to gage a rough medal buy waying it? have cut the scull quiet long

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    the skull cut is from top of dome on head through eye socket. just weighed it and it is 570grm obviously needs to dry, any guess what it will make silver or gold

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    Cracking Buck.
    You shouldn't have cut the skull at all, when they measure the scorer takes off 90 grams for a full skull, for the overall weight, but when it is cut they have to guess what to take off, there is guidelines but they tend to score better when its a full skull. It could be the difference between gold and silver if its borderline.Going by the weight with full skull, i would've been surprised if it didn't make gold, but as it's cut is hard to say.
    Anyway too late now.
    If you manage to shoot his big brother boil out the full skull.
    Keep us informed on how it scores


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    That is a spanking animal, i think if you go on the cic website you will get an indication as to what makes what medals. Well done mate

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	big buck 022.jpg 
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ID:	6236the buck on the right was shot near to this one a few year ago and it messured just short of a silver due to damage to antler and colour

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