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Thread: Tarmac Licking????????

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    Tarmac Licking????????

    Last night whilst driving home i came across a large fallow stag standing in the middle of the road. At first i thought it was injured as its head bowed down to the road.

    I was able to drive within 20 foot of the beast before it was aware i was there. However the stag was not injured, it was licking the tarmac. After looking up at me it carried on licking the tarmac for another 20-30 seconds before strolling to the verge of the road.

    i drove past the animal and stopped again, to see it walk back into the road to start licking the tarmac again.

    i have never seen a deer/ any animal act like this before, does anyone have a clue what it was doing??

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    Licking salt residue from the road?

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    That would be my guess...

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    This fallow...licking the road at night. Any chance it was a chippie Yorkshire specimen who'd just got up from his shoe box?
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    still got plenty of road salt left from winter have been meaning to put some on a deer lawn this has reminded me to do it !

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    it may be salt or just the tar . reds here give a lot of attention to replacement powerpoles , fresh with tar, mostly rubbing and licking but i have seen old rotten poles eaten back to a core of untreated wood.

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