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Thread: Training paying off

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    Training paying off

    Went out last sunday evening for my first real go at the bucks....

    Plan was to sit in a box overlooking a plantation, i was lucky enough to meet a youngster on the way in...
    Sat for a while,typicaly as the light faded a buck walked out into an opening..
    His reaction to a chest shot was good,as he leapt into the air and dashed back to where he had appeared from moments before.
    No time to waste as light was fading fast, walked quickly down to the shot site with my young bitch at heel,without any fuss i put her tracking leash on and gave her command track,off she went like a train, had'nt gone far and i was on all fours under the blanket of sitka,i let go of the leash planning to pick it up onthe other side of a tree, but missed, i watchet helplessly as the leash dissappeared into the gloom,i had no need to worry as another 20yds and i could see the red leash lying still,another 10mts on the other end was a very happy dog standing over her find, her tail was almost hitting her nose it was wagging so hard,i was every bit as happy, but never felt the need to lick it...
    Great when your training starts to come together..

    I was telling this story to a friend during the week..
    He went on to tell of a search he had in a large sitka plantation when his bitch pulled the leash from his grasp to dissapear into the darkness..
    His thoughts were that she would tangle in the trees and never be seen again..
    After an hour of hopeless searching and whistling he returned to his truck fearing the worst..
    There she was truley tangled , but around the wheel of his truck not a tree..

    Should we be using Velcro collars or some sort of release method incase of such situations??????

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    A velcro collar or a sturdy press stud would be the perfect solution I'd have thought, if it did get tangled it would soon work loose, not entangling the dog. Also a quick knot onto the belt of the man would prevent a further escape as well, also leaving both hands free if needs be?


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    Well done Nell. It looks like you've got a cracking dog there. How old is she?

    I'm collecting my pup at the end of next month and can't wait to get cracking with the training. How did you start her off and at what age please?


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    Cheers , she is almost 2, start straight away, even a 2 ft track leading to piece of food,what breed are you having???

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    Black Lab. But a dog instead of a bitch. I might be in touch for a few tips!

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    No problem mate, if i can help....----------------------------------------------

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    Cracking picture Nell, good looking and happy pup.

    Picture of mine this morning over our first buck of the year. One happy pooch, I gave her a kidney thenwhen I walked down to wash my hands in the burn I turned round to find her rummaging through the gralloch for another.

    You tried not using a leash? I use a 3m odd leash for stalking, but to find the animal she is just on free reporting. I know she won't go too far from me that's why I'm happy doing it that way.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice one Ali,they can all bum up thier fancy trackers,but none of them can eat like a lab

    Just in now, my old bitch had devoured the intestines from a buck before they hit the ground,sure she deserved it.....

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    Definitly, nothing could ever trump their gastric capacity.

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