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Thread: M55 scope mounting options

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    M55 scope mounting options

    I have just had a real shock at the price of optilocks - 70 to switch from 1" to 30mm rings so I am looking at fitting the burris weavertype tactical bases so I can *use the 30mm signature zee rings that I already have kicking around.
    I have already had my old Sako A1 converted to a weaver rail but that invoved tapping new threads so was very much an engineers job.
    My (new to me) M55 is already tapped, is this standard?
    Will the burris tactical two piece fit the older tikka models like my M55?
    Is there a one piece rail available for this rifle?
    Thanks for any advice.

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    Hi mine came to me tapped i think this is standard, but I found the best way was to use a Hilver 1 piece base that goes onto the dove tails and Hillier rings. You can pick the rings up for about 20 from optics warehouse. I've got 25mm low on at the moment for a 40mm objective scope but have some 25mm and 30mm mediums sat in my bits box for if I everneed them. not sure on price of the base rail as a mate gave me it. if you go for 2 individual Hilver base they are 40 from optics warehouse.

    Opticswarehouse Scope Mounts, Hillver B Square Steel Fullbore Base Systems


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    Thanks Rick, I was not aware of the hilver system, it looks good but is not versatile enough for my needs. Using a weaver/picatinney system means i can use the burris rings with the inserts that enable some elevation gain.
    Optics warebouse also sell a picatinny rail for the T3 Tikkas. *Opticswarehouse Tactical Mount Systems
    Can anyone confirm that the hole spacing will be the same as on my M55?

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    Spacing is different.
    I found measurements for a 595 and its way different.
    This sounds like an excuse to get a riflesmith to fit a rail
    and get him to machine it to 2Omoa.
    Hope this helps anyone in the same predicament

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