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Thread: Deer Management Practical Question ..No. 1

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    Deer Management Practical Question ..No. 1

    Training is always is 1 of 10 questions that I will pose FOR NOVICES, ALL BASED ON REAL TIME debates, no cr.p- 19 FALLOW at 150 yds range,downhill,18 does, 1 pricket..which is couched down and doe has rear hind leg limp,quite a bad mover, now also couched down..what is the priority animal to shoot , (it is August) and why?

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    Well only Fallow Bucks are in season in August. (Aug 1st - April 30th)

    ATB Chris (very much a novice)

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    None they are too far away, there is no backstop and a village in the valley below directly behind the deer.

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    does not the gable end wall equate as a good backstop
    sorry cervus i know only sensible answers are applicable
    shall get my coat

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    I'm thinking that there are 2 possible answers, but my limited knowkedge of fallow may show me up, so here goes...

    1) shoot the doe with the limp, mercy killing, justified out of season?
    2) shoot the pricket, something tells me that a pricket should not be with the does at this time of year. not sure of why. perhap she should be outed before the rut starts so he doesnt get a head start on the shaggin', before the better bucks turn up??

    another thought - should either deer be shot couched down, and is a head shot ethical at that range??

    look forward to the answer.

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    Deer management Practical Question 1

    Hi, Guys,thanks for your input....The answer is as follows...the pricket is presenting a non-shot,even though in season and a cull deer,he is with the does because he has been excluded from a buck batchelor group, the injured doe is suffering to some degree,but she was capable of jumping a stock fence of some 3ft, in and out of the field,so a muscle or similar injury is most likely and she should recover albeit over a couple of weeks. In addition she was the lead doe and had a dependent fawn, a point often missed by novice stalkers, and the fawn was still suckling occasionally...everything else was out of we had a non shot on a possible cull pricket, and an injured doe which will recover who was both a lead doe and had a fawn, so no shot taken..the pricket stood up later but did not present another shot as it stayed in the middle of the herd. Next QUESTION 2 .....Roe yearling showing ill health signs,walking slowly, and couching down eventually,salivating and discharge from the nose is evident,also some scouring noted, range 75 yds, safe backstop is present ...action ?

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    cervus you never stated buck or doe
    if this was on my ground
    from the info given scouring should not realy occur at this time of year and they can't get a decongestion from the chemist so now is the next problem
    what is wrong if i cull this animal ,can't go into the food chain, but why is it so ill
    call out vetinary or defra and a seclusion zone is put up and no more stalking , if no call is made everthing is fine and dandy till you fall ill
    decisions decisions

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    And you know it is a yearling how?

    Even as a yearling it may have a kid very uncommon but not unheard of.

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    Deer management Practical Question 2

    The roe is a yearling buck...these questions are based on actual occurrences that is why I wish to share them with my colleagues no trip-ups or pontificating what action?

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    Hi Tony,

    Ok I'll have a go!

    I guess the two options are:

    1) It is seriously ill, if it is safe to do so take the shot. Based on the symptoms prepare for the worst and suspect/inspect for what? possible FMD? Bluetongue?

    2) There are other reasons for the symptoms, don't take shot. This is where I'm stuck... I can't think of what those reasons might be! Oil seed rape poisoning?

    Alex M

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