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Thread: Which mod ?

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    Which mod ?


    I know this has been done to death but I picked up a 243 ai and was planning to use my 30 cal northstar but the threads are different. I prefer over barrel to reduce overall length as the barrel is 24 " the smaller and lighter the better.

    Suggestions ?

    Atb Steve

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    Both the Third Eye Sparton and the new A-Tec Maxim are over-barrel reflex mods and weigh in at around the 450g mark, much lighter than any other reflex i have seen on the market.

    Let us know what you decide on.

    Personally i would go for a Roedale V can at 200g.

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    I think over barrel mods are a waste of time. The volume gain
    is really small and the weight gain unpropotionally high compared to
    a muzzle mounted mod. The volume behind the muzzle is of not that
    much use anyway. Rather have more baffles up front.
    Over barrel mods are just a pain in many are fitted wrong which
    leads to inconsistent shots. If fitted right they are ok but always heavier than

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