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Thread: early evening buck

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    early evening buck

    Got dropped at a place in the cotswolds while my mate travled further on about 30 mins to try cover more ground, i started out about 5.30pm and after a while seen a doe and she watched as i walked by, then after another 20 mins i sat down as it was very hot at this point and another two does came into and out of the field but once quiet i moved off up the side of a large cover when about 250 yards infront of me out stepped a nice buck, i stalked whenever he ate and gt to within 80 yards of him and steadied for the shot, after what seemed like ages he stood broadside and was felled by the strike and with a few kicks was in the bag.
    After the gralloch i covered him in a muslin sock and hung him on the fence and moved off to have another look, i seen a doe fawn staring at something in the same feild which turned out to be the antlered doe the landowner has been seeing lately, so a good evening out....

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    Nice one there apollo, I'm hoping for the same over the next few days

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    thanks boys, the wifes out shopping so hes in the pressure cooker on the hob as we

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    i would love to here the excuse for the smell, blame the dog.

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    Well done mate now that looks a great animal the front tines seem massive. Give us some dimentions please

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    I was going to say the same, exceptionally long front tines. I too would be interested in the measurements.

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    chris i aint got a dog...i blamed the grandaughter and 6 pointer its not as good as it looks in the sunshine..front tines are 6 and 7 inches and overall length is 11 inches not very thick or heavy plus he was a small deer too havent weighed him as he went in the chiller late last night, his teeth seemed ok lol so not old atall but a great feeling to be out stalking in that weather in such a beautifull part of the country and see the sun on his tall antlers as he walks along on your bit of permission...

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    apollo that is a nice buck and stop being so modest, he could make a bronze if not a silver as we said last night,

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    Hi Eddie
    Nice buck mate, mine are getting a bit of peace at the moment, got my mate from Germany coming over in May so not shot any yet. If I can find him a nice Cotswolds buck like that I'll be a happy stalker.

    atb mate


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