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Thread: Out for a Buck the other

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    Out for a Buck the other

    I popped up the valley this evening as there was a decent Buck around the other evening when I took Foxdropper up there,and I thought I might be able to get onto him with a bit of luck.It was a very hot day today,and as it cooled down a bit I thought he might be amongst the scrubby ground at the bottom of the valley,I walked up slowly using the brambles to keep me shielded,and guess what.....there he was.A total of 3 minutes stalking and I already had a bead on him,but,I decided to watch him for a while before taking the shot,he was casually browsing his way up a small banking approximately 65yds from me,he looked to be in tip top condition and had nearly cleaned off all bar a few dread locks.Just as I was making my mind up to take him something spooked him to his right,and I was expecting another Buck to emerge from the Blackthorn,but it didn't and for now at least he was safe as he had made it across a small brook to a neighbouring farm,so I carried on up the field and through the gateway that leads into the main 'Dingle' as I call it(foxdropper will know where I mean).And as I went through the next gateway I saw a very heavy Doe feeding away from me and down by the brook.I decided that the original Buck might be making for the far end of the land(it's not a massive place)so I made a bit of a detour through the brambles and blackthorn coming out on the top fenceline where I saw a young Buck with just a couple of buttons which dreopped out of sight into the wood at the far end.I went up over the barbwire fence like an athlete....not!....and stood in a break in the hedgeline to wait for a Muntjac,and to give the earlier Buck time to come back into the lower fields.This is where I shoulkd be putting a video on of a Muntjac Doe feeding across the small field for about 5 mins,but I am a pc numpty and can't get it to work.She didn't seem to give a monkeys that I was filming her and slowly made her way across and into the wood where a couple of minutes later another different Roe Doe appeared with another Muntjac Doe(smaller)and they took over from the other Munty and gave me a show for another 10 mins or so.I was just about to call it a day as I hadn't had any tea yet when a series of loud barks erupted to my left and the Buck was running along the fenceline and away frrom me barking like mad,but,luck was on my side as he had to stop(curiosity)for just one last look,and to posture himself at the shadowy figure in the hedge(me).The rifle was already up on the sticks and I quickly popped the crosshairs onto his lower neck and dropped him like a stone.......a perfect end to the evening.

    After the obligatory few minutes had passed I was about to approach the beast,when a red flash out to my left dropped down over the brow of the field,and I got to the fenceline just in time to see Charlie tearing down with a cock Pheasant in his mouth,i tried everything to stop him,but I think he had read the script.Still he'll keep.

    Finally managed to up-load it to You Tube so here is the video.....

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    Well done re'M'ington, nice buck and excellent video. This Munty seem to make a bee-line for the dandelion heads, must be one of their favourite foods I would assume? Don't know much about Munty behaviour so very interesting to watch. Thanks for sharing.

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    Yes they certainly do love the dandelions she was mopping them up 20 to the dozen.


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    martin nice vid and buck mate regards pete .

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    Good video of the munty mate, me and the missus were dying with laughter with your other video featuring chester the feret and scrap the terrier.
    Priceless thanks for sharing . DF

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    Good on ya mate.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Great video 'M'

    A very nice buck to finish off a good session, I'm sure you will catch up will Charlie


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    Nice one Martin well done. I'm sure Charlie will get his comeuppance shortly.

    Life should be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving skidding in sideways, Merlot in one hand, Cigar in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO what a ride!

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    To be honest with the fox,I was in auto pilot so to speak,and I wouldn't of shot it anyway.The reason for this is,I've been after the neighbouring farm for ages and the shepherd said the other day that he has someone doiung the fox control.I know the person well,and he does have the permission but he just doesn't shoot any more,he keeps the permission just to stop anyone else taking it on......go figure!! Well the shepherd said he was hapy with the situation at the moment as the guy has had the permission forever(he is also very ill with cancer).I just left the shepherd saying that when he has lost enough lambs to get in contact with me,hence a no fox shot near his land embargo at the


    p.s. I usually get what I want in the end,and people trying to get permission should never give up,it will come to you in the end.

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