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Thread: Knocking em down/ everyone but me.

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    Knocking em down/ everyone but me.

    Everyones knocking bucks down now.
    I still need my first of the season.
    Went out this morning with mal (we had a cancellation) on a recon as we have a very busy fortnight and needed to locate some 6 pointers.
    I saw 3 big bucks this morning plenty of does but no prickets that were shootable (by me)
    Anyway left the camera at home this morning (on charge) so took this with my phone.
    I must say its very good, the buck was about 15m's from me but to good for me to shoot.

    Anyway back on recon in the morning maybe I might get lucky then.

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    Hi mate like I said I could have had x3 this morning but they were to good for me to shoot.
    One thing I do miss being a pro is just getting out and shooting a deer.

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    I know the feeling too just shot my first buck of the season ill be putting some picks up if i can manage it !

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    great little video really gets the old ticker going even if it was a video ,i was there lol no roe here so out for a wee munty in am
    good hunting norma

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    A bit of something to make the pulses quicken on a misty morn.

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    Those are good pictures seeing as you were using your phone John, nicely done!

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    Been out again this morning and seen 8, all does or big bucks.
    I will find a pricket.
    They are loosing their fur big time now...............there are some very scruffy deer about.

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    Same up here John ,saw lots of deer this AM , the guy i had out got a decent 6pointer
    we saw one really good one 50m over my boundry hope to see him during this week
    will speak to you during the week John

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    I took a mate out friday before last and got him his first buck and first ever deer only a wee buck but have been out 5 times myself this week and had a nice buck every time,glad i don't have to pimp mine out,just thought i'd rub salt in the wound mate.I think you shoud go out and shoot the best buck you can find before you forget what it's all about,you know it makes sense,go on John treat yourself for easter.
    P.S They are really looking scruffy down here too,half bald some of them.

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