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Thread: Buck for new chap

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    Buck for new chap

    I went out this morning to meet a chap who had asked to find stalk and shoot a roebuck with me. He did say that he wanted to learn alot more about stalking. So as is normal the weather turned for the worse and it was pissing down when i set off. I met the lad in front of the ASDA and we drove round the corner to hide the motor from on looking eye,s .We stalked for about 20 mins before we could see clear enough to see deer at a distance. The mist was quite thick and i was worried that no deer would be out after all the sunny day,s . We got our eyes on a nice doe and then a really big buck at around 300 mtr. We moved behind the banking for some cover and made our way along. On seeing a futher three deer a doe with followers we dicided to have a go for a buck kid but not a chance. But we did watch a really nice six pointer buck strutting his stuff along a banking at about 200 mtr. Nice to see. Again nothing happened but we watched a group of 5 deer for some time and just as we were going to move . My guest asked me if that was a buck just behind us . I gave him my Bin,s and it was confirmed that it was a nice wee buck. The stalk was on and we worked hard to get close only to loose him at the very last minute. Then we moved to the quiter part of my ground and work that . not a deer in sight there then just at the last minute we got our eyes on a six point buck lying down in the grass. Bill set off on all four across the new barley. But just as he was getting close the buck stud up and walked in to a large patch of willows but it had not seen us. Billy must have been thinking this was not going to be his morning.I suggested a wait was on as he might feed on to the top banking. 10-15 MINTUES LATER THERE HE WAS A SMALL CRAWL FORWARD AND A NICE SOUNDING THUMP A LEAP FORWARD AND THE DEER WAS AWAY. I LOOKED AT BILLY AND I COULD SEE HE WAS IN A STATE OF SHOCK. I DID MY BLOODHOUND AND TRACKED A WELL HIT DEER 60-80 IN THE THICK COVER. I THEN FOUND OUT THAT THIS WAS INFACT BILLS FIRST DEER.
    Well done mate and next time you carry the beast back i am to old for all that excitment.


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    buck for new chap

    who's that odd looking chap(or is that you davie,the man with no face)

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    Quote Originally Posted by www.yorkshireroestalking. View Post
    Well done Davie and not a house in sight
    He's just pointing the camera away from the hooses

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    that must be the best camo hat ive ever seen

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    I was seeing JAYB today he was telling me about it, good result.

    Well done to the both of you.

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    well done lads a good result
    atb tom

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    Well done lads a result in the end.

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    Well done Davie, that's another on the road to a lifetimes involvement and wallet emptying .

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