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Thread: .243 RPA Thumbhole Hunter

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    .243 RPA Thumbhole Hunter


    I am currently trying to sell my .243 RPA Thumbhole hunter rifle (previously advertised on here), due to the arrival of a new .243. The rifle is for sale on Guntrader and seems to have attracted a large number of tyre kickers all of whom have wanted the rifle and then disappeared off the face of the earth.

    The reason for this add....... The RPA is on a temp FAC which runs out shortly and I could do with selling the rifle ASAP, so for Stalking Directory members only the rifle is for sale at offers over 1400 including Northstar Mod, Niggeloh rucksling, bore guide, and a couple of recipes.

    Please PM me if interested and take a look at; RIFLE AND MOD NOW SOLD - RPA International Ltd .243 Thumbhole Hunter Bolt Action Second Hand Rifle


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    RPA Thumbhole Hunter


    Unfortunately I just missed the sale of your rifle - this is just what I am looking for. One question I have is why did you sell the rifle? It appears reasonably new so I am curious to know why you have traded for a newer rifle. Did the RPA have any short-comings? What new rifle did you move to? Apologies for the questions, but as I say, I am seriously considering the RPA Thumbhole and don't want to repeat any regrets that you may have had, if any. Thanks in advance for any insights you can provide. Alzerhowzer

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