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Thread: Swarovski SLC 7x42 or 8x50

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    Swarovski SLC 7x42 or 8x50

    I am looking to upgrade my binoculars and get pair of Swarovski's. I have narrowed the choice down to either the SLC 7x42 or 8x50's.

    Now my problem is that I have tried a couple of pairs of 7x42's and they were very good. However none of my friends own or the local dealers have in stock 8x50's for me to take a look at and the 8x50's are spec'd as being slightly bigger/heavier. So I was wondering if anyone who has experience of both sizes could give me some advice or guidance, as it is obviously not a purchase that I want to get wrong.

    (Most of my stalking is lowland Roe and Fallow)

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    I had 7x42s and traded them in for EL 8.5 x 42. I wish I had got them years ago.

    Rgds JCS

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    I also had a pair of slc 7x42 and sold them for a pair of 10x32 el's,much smaller and lighter and just as good

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    Out of the ones you have on your list i would go for the 7x42. Some guys need to get the 10 X Glass because of there failing eye sight and waining confidence

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    Put it this way sometimes you will think the 7 x 42 are big and heavy BUT 8 x 50 will always be big and heavy.

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    why not 8x42? I could see with them till 2 hour after sunset(fox shooting)

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    Thanks for the responses so far.

    I perhaps didn't ask quite the right question in so far as my biggest concern being the additional size/weight of the x50's, although that is the perspective from which 'splash' has answered.

    The idea of greater light gathering is obviously appealing, but it is that trade off against the bigger size that I want to balance. Magnification is probably a lesser concern as my eye sight is pretty good.

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    I would go as light as possible. My first bino's where Swarovski's SL 8x56. One big advantage. If you ran out of ammo you could use them as a hammer to kill your game.
    I would like to try 8x30/32 binos at low light and see how good they are, but I don't know anybody having them. 8x30 or 8x40 zeiss Conquest would get my attention to see how good they are. Don't get me wrong, Swarovski's will be just as good, I am just attracted by the low weight. Maybe also the Minox HG 8.5x43. Don't know how good these are.

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    My point was you'll see forever with the 8x42's the extra time/light available with bigger bino's isn't worth the extra weight, they let in so much light because of the quality that exit pupil has less relevance. As you get older the size of the exit pupil you can see shrinks so this becomes even less important.

    42's are heavy enough and do the job, get bigger and you'll see less as you won't take them with you ALL the time. You also find you end up putting the heavy ones down and forgetting them.

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    Exactly. My SL 8x56's stayed home more than I had them with me. 40/42 mm lenses are more than enough.

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