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Thread: Fallow Deer on Sugarbeet.

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    Fallow Deer on Sugarbeet.

    Hi, just looking for some advice please. In your opinion is it best to wait for Fallow to come out early evening, or try and stalking the at first light. On a field of sugarbeet that is. Also, are they as partial to beet as Red Deer? Many thanks.

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    Stalking Fallow


    I find Fallow can be tough to stalk in that they return to cover at first light and leave cover at last light, if your not in the right place at the right time you will miss them. A trick i use is to find them out on the field with a lamp before first light and wait for the light to improve so as to take a legitimate shot.

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    I like the lamp idea!! I am very fortunate to have a patch of sugarbeet that i have been asked to "guard." I supose the question is A.M or P.M, but I think you answered that with the lamp solution.

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