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Thread: bleeding for a trophy

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    bleeding for a trophy

    how do you bleed the deer when you want the head mounted to the shoulder with out damaging the neck.?

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    cut the diaphragm and bleed through the chest cavity

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    Quote Originally Posted by tolley View Post
    how do you bleed the deer when you want the head mounted to the shoulder with out damaging the neck.?
    Don't bleed in the conventional manner - just empty the collected blood when gralloching via opening the diaphram. Remember to cut the cape as far back as the sternum cartilage and keep the cape as clean as possible. Then get to your taxidermist as soon as possible. Bill.

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    As posted above ,i would generally back bleed through diaphragm. But dont worry if you bleed as normal and later decide to have it caped just make sure you give the taxidermist plenty of skin to work with by caping well back beyond what is actually required .
    Even beter if you contact the taxidermist beforehand and follow his instructions.

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    Cut its throat and then bleed as normal cape at kneck any Taxidermist that cant fix a wee knife hole shouldnt be practiceing.

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    if you make a big enough hole on exit side of the chest bleeding v easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I am no expert taxidermist, having done just a few mounts for myself. But i would have thought that the more damage you do to the cape, then the more time it will take to make it good then therefor the more it may cost to have the mount done, particularly if there is a more cape friendly solution.

    If i am every lucky enough to take a royal stag and shoot it sound dead (like i would plan to) then i would bleed it through the diagphram if possible, and transport the head and shoulders as carefully as possible. i can repair very minor damage, experts i am sure much more, but if the skin has no hair then a replacement cape is required, i guess adding to the cost

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    As others have said I would bleed through the diaphragm its also possible to bleed from under the shoulder blade was shown how to do this by the resident stalker on the Island of Rhum, when taking part in the professional stalkers course in the early 80s [ though I have never actually done so myself] this was shown as how to bleed a stag for caping if a drag was involved diaphragm was never punctured and as small a slit as possible to allow a green gralloch to minimise contamination whilst dragging.
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    If I could afford a cape mount the loss of meat value would not be an issue

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