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Thread: larder beetles? ...trophy prep

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    larder beetles? ...trophy prep

    Hi, I am wondering if I can buy the above and they will clean a head for me? and if so, from where?

    I am maybe going to attempt to clean a head tomorrow, if so does this sound ok....

    skin head,
    cut out eyes?
    how do I get the brain out? I dont intend to saw the head as I will make a complete a ss of this!
    boil for a while, (how long?)
    power hose
    soak cotten wool with H. peroxide and leave for an hour or so

    I was also going to add dishwasher tablets/fairy liquid whilst boiling?

    Really appreciate the help as i have tried searching
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    Bushwear sell the beetles. After you skin the head remove lower jaw and before you boil take away as much tissue and muscle as you can. Use a long screwdriver or spoon to take out the brain and the nasal tissue. Do not overboil older animals need longer than young. Be careful with the power washer leave it wrapped in the peroxide soaked cotton wool for at least 12 hours

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    also soon as you take out of hot water put straight into the clean cold .DO NOT allow head to dry out before you put on peroxide imo
    good luck

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    Thanks guys! Will give it a go just now. Will leave the boiled head in water after boiling until I can get some bleach? Those beetles are flipping expensive!


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    Did you get the larder beetles? At what point in the procedure do you give them the head to munch on? Pre, or post skinning?
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    One word of warning with these beetles!

    They are I assume dermested beetles and they are very effective at cleaning small skulls of flesh. They used to have a colony of these at Tring Museum, in fact I think they still do, for cleaning bird skeletons.

    However if the little sods get out into your home, or collection look out, they will eat just about anything!!

    Keep the colony outside and well well away from your home, and also make sure you dont carry any passengers into the house!

    I think if my memory serves me correct it was Tring that had an outbreak in their collection many years back, and they used methol bromide to clear out the infestation.

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    Thanks for the replies! I didn't buy the beetles in the end; I just boiled the skull. To be honest the thought of the smell when keeping them in the garden kind of put me off. However my first skull took me ages so the beetles may be well worth the investment.

    Cheers for the heads up sikamalc! I would be very popular with the family if the house suddenly became infested..

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    The first one is a buxxxr, it does become easier with practice, I know 200+ a year plenty practice

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