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    I recently posted a short story of my young dogs training coming along niecly, in which was a cautionary tale regarding the posibility of a tracking dog becoming lost and entangled...

    Now im pretty sure there are more than just a couple of us that hunt the large sitka blocks, and have to head off into the darkness in search of a dead beast...

    Yet after 60 odd views, not one reply or good idea on how we could avoid the this happening???? i guess hold on tighter might be the first reply.....

    Seriously concidering joining the NICE BUCK MATE, WHATS YOUR SETUP brigade.....


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    After reading your story I would say that's a strong valid point you brought up nell, if that deer

    had ran on a considerable distance you may have found yourself in a spot of bother.

    It will be interesting to see what idea's come up with regards the collar.

    Unfortunately this is one of the hurdles one must encounter when shooting as the

    light fades.

    As you said you can always HOLD ON TIGHTER!!!!

    All the best Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    An alternative view Nell is that none of us who have viewed your post have trained our dogs or do not have any first hand experience of what your asking? I Certainly don't have any experience of what you describe and try not to add comment based on thoughts as I find it doesn't really help.

    Good luck tho with finding your answer.

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    I just read post having missed it first time round. Problem is that that unless a post gets a few replies it slips down the "new posts" list and dissapears from view. This is becoming more of a problem now that the embership is so high.

    I don't use a lead/collar at all during the day and just try to keep the dog from running on too far when he is tracking. In dense woods I keep him quite close and call him back if he goes out of site. At night I use a velcro collar with reflector taape stuck to it. This collar will rip off without much effort so the dog will never come to harm.

    If I were using a lead I would double it through the collar and hold both ends; if you then let go there is a good chance only one end would tangle and then pull the lead free of the collar.

    I guess that was no help at all but at least you got a reply!


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    A 30 foot tracking lead should get you around most problems.

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    hate leads of any type got enough things to remember let alone a lead . we use a lab and a collar with flashing led +2 falconry bells as light fades works for us mate
    good hunting norma
    ps collar is cheap from pet city elastic +velcro
    battery lasts ages
    bells are noble - not cheap but really crisp sound used to fly hawks so have a few pairs
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    I have herd that the bells hawks use on their jesses are good on a tracking dogs collar. when ringing stops sudddenly chances are he has found the animal. I guess the trick is to stay focused on where the noise is coming from. TBH, I know not best practice if there is light I let my dog run free and follow/watch him.


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    I haven't got what you would call a dedicated Deer dog,but,my Whippet has found for me when I realy needed it,and I use a Bear bell on her,it is very loud and clear.If the dog is a pup then maybe more of the easier finds would help,but I know you have to let them have a go sometime.....good luck.


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    Should have said when the dog is loose he has a good set of hawk bells, when the music stops he has it!

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    Hi , i have suffered from my dog disappearing into the gloom and did use just the bell but that soon gets unhearable after a short distance in thick wood so now i use a combination of 15m tracking lead and harness with a bell sometimes.This stops you losing the dog but increases the scratches from the sitka branches as he pulls you through the wood trying to get to the animal.

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