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Thread: Roe,fallow and muntjac stalking in herefordshire

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    Roe,fallow and muntjac stalking in herefordshire

    Fallow, Roe, Muntjac. Morning and evening stalk, free pigeon shooting during day with all equipment supplied. 120 plus any trophy fees. Parties up to 5 hunters.

    November stalking - all day stalks from high seats. 100 per day. All does free. Maximum of 5 hunters.

    PM me or phone 01544 340371
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    Please provide me further information.


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    Can you PM me contact details. I'm a new stalker, although I've shot for 30 years and run a driven shoot over 1200 acres, I looking for some one to get me started.


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    Hi Herbert

    Ive travelled many times from Poole to Gloucestershire and Herefordshire to meet good friends and share great stalking over many weekends..

    Can you be more specific with regards to the Roe bucks your offering..

    Roe Bucks starting at 100 are for what exactly...

    ie button, two or four point etc.. six point or bronze

    Kind Regards

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    I had a session with Herbert a week or so ago and he has some very nice ground a few miles west of Leominster. I didn't get a buck but that wasn't Herbert's fault.

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    Do you still have opportunities for Roe / fallow stalking - obvoiusly when in season? I live in Herefordshire and this seems very convenient if its possible??

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    Do you have any dates available for this season

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    hi herbert pm sent

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