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Thread: black and white german shorthaired pointer

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    black and white german shorthaired pointer

    hi there im looking for your take on black and white gsps,does the colour not matter if it is purely for working,looks dont matter if its a good working dog,i cant remember black and white ones when i used to show one of my gsps.a lot of people see it that it has to be liver and white only,are the black and white like white boxers nobody wants one,any feedback would be great.many thanks

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    Having Breed and worked GSPs for queit a while, i am not taken with the black and white GSPs that are starting to appear.
    I personally have only ever came across 1 in the flesh and it didnt take my fancy. I think they will possibly be as good as the Liver and White but i will stick with My Solid Liver or Liver and White Ticked.

    Some people say Choclate Labs make Good workers but I have only seen 1 that actually was.

    Dalkur. ( better bolt down the storm covers)

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    A friend of mine has worked her GSP's on local shoots for over 20 years. She will currently have about a dozen in her kennels, both black and liver. I cannot see any difference in their temperaments or abilities when worked, and I regularly pick up with her. She also uses them on grouse, for walked up and is a regular when it comes to doing counts both in the borders and up North. Surely its no different to GWP's of which I have never heard the merits of liver over black dogs being discussed and although liver is more common the black ones I have seen are every bit as capable.

    If you are looking for a dog, let me know and I will pass on her details. She is not far from Jedburgh in the Scottish borders and will normally have a litter a year anyway.
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    hi thanks for the replies,is it true that to get the black gsps there was breeding done with the musterlander to make this happen.if this is true they will have different tempraments from full bred gsps,so there maybe more to this than just colour.

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    Black and whites are not popular, if you look at the breed standard it says they should be liver and white or solid liver never black, having said that I had a black and white which was one of the best dogs I ever had,also have a friend with a solid black which is an excellent dog and one of the few GSPs that I have seen that excels in water.

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