A (North American) Indian lad is inspecting their traps with his grandfather when they stopped for lunch. Seizing the opportunity, to boy questions his grandfather hoping to learn something that has weighed heavy on his mind of late.

"Grandfather...Can you tell me why my brother is named 'Half Antler'"?
"Why of course...many moons ago your mother was preoccupied picking blueberries. When she looked up there was a great stag with a one of its antlers broken in half not five feet in front of her. The deer spoke to you mother's spirit, telling her she would give birth to a son next spring. Your brother was named to honour the spirit of that fine animal."

"And what of my sister 'two rabbits'? How did she get her name?
"Yes, it was two winters later...a bitter cold winter with much snow and little food. Your family was very hungry, but your father had a dream. In it he saw two rabbits on the hill. He spoke to the rabbits and promised that if they would provide food for his family that he would name his next child after them. The next day he went to the hill again and sure enough he saw two rabbits and killed them both with his bow and arrow, and of course he kept his promise."

The grandfather paused in thought before continuing,

"So tell me, why the sudden interest in names 'Broken Rubber'?