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Thread: Scots Law.

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    Scots Law.

    I believe there is a change of law here regarding an instant jail sentence for carrying a knife. I carry a knife whilst stalking and one in my Defender cubby box. Will there be discretion allowed or will we all be in trouble for having or travelling with a knife?

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    Probably depend on the officer that stops you and the blade you are carrying.
    Better off removing it when not having a reason to carry it.
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    It has and likely always will be the case that providing the knife is being carried with either lawful authority or reasonable excuse you are not breaking any laws.

    The reasonable excuse will not extend however, to standing in a bar 3hrs after the days stalking has finished with a 6'' sheath knife strapped to your belt! Not that you would.

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    if we didn't have such a week judicial system we wouldn't need such a law. I was reading the Eastlothian Courrier last year and there was a lad there caught threatening some one with a knife and they god of with some minor punishment. not that in my book should be a minimum of 12 months in nick at that is me on a happy sunny day!!


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    Ooops,,better stop carrying my stalking knife in my pocket at the Co Op and the petrol station then...

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