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Thread: What a c@ck!!

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    What a c@ck!!

    just found this on another forum
    utter dis-belief at his actions no wounder the police want mentors for full bore shooters
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    Really.... I don't think it would have mattered two hoots if he had a mentor or not. The guy is an idiot simple. he was taught firearm safety in the RAF and he would have needed to pass a weapons test each year so for him to suggest he was inexperienced I suggest, is a pretty damn awful and lower than a snakes arse, of an attempt at a defence. I bet he didn't say he was inexperienced when he applied for his FAC!!

    Hope he gets all he deserves.

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    The less publicity this sort of thing gets the better for all of us

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    Can't help thinking that there's a lot more to this than has reached the public domain.

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    been done to death on other forums. general consensus seems to range between "nail him up!" to "we don't know all the facts" I tend towards the latter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chanty Wrassler View Post
    Can't help thinking that there's a lot more to this than has reached the public domain.
    there is but im sure it will come out in the end
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    Sounds very like he was pissed off at a party of goose shooters over his boundary and he laid down some lead to "discourage" them for whatever reason.

    I would be interested to know if he was breathylised the day it happened......

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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