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Thread: New Rifle which Factory round would suit.

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    New Rifle which Factory round would suit.

    Hi guys,
    I am hoping that someone will be able to help me with selection of a factory load that will suit my rifle. I have a Tikka T3 Varmint in .243 with 1 in 10 twist. I use a Burris Full Field 30 scope and I have a Northstar moderator. I have just got the rifle a couple of weeks ago and have only tried 2 types of round. The first being Winchester SP in 100 grain and I only achieved just under 2" grouping at 100 meters. I then tried Remington SP in 80 grain and was able to group on or as near to 1" at 100 meters. Can anyone give me advice on what they think might suit my rifle. I will be stalking most of the Deer in UK and do intend on doing a bit of shooting with friends in both Germany and Poland. I intend on getting myself some Red Deer stalking in Scotland and there for need to consider 100 grain + rounds to shoot within the law.

    I would appreciate any advice on both a lighter round that would suit both Roe and Fox and as stated a heavier round for the larger Deer species. I do eventually intend on getting into reloading but at the moment I need to concentrate on factory loads. I have tried to do a forum search on this subject but can't find anything that answers my question. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give me.
    Sorry to the mods if this is in the wrong section.



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    Its difficult to say what round would work well in a specific rifle as some can be more picky than others. Best thing to do is buy one box of a few different brands until you find one that works best for your rifle, better still find someone with a few different brands lying about and 'borrow' them. The obvious other solution is to take up reloading to suit a round to your rifle?


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    Hi jimmy, my mate uses 87 gr hornady bthp's in 243 and swears by them for both deer and fox, as for using 100 gr's in a 1 in 10 twist you are about on the limits of stabilisation and that's probably why the 2" grouping. I'm waiting to pick up 243 and 1in10 twist is the norm by the look of it.

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    My tikka t3 lite loves federal 100gr bullets,this is a 3 shot group at 100yds after putting my old scope back on(the pecar going for a service) I gave it another click right after this.

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    Try Norma 100g soft points - great for roe, fox, reds, top quality ammo and should be well under 1" at 100yds based on my experiences with them in .243 1:10. If you start reloading, definitely 87g BTHP's from Hornady for fox and roe!

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    Another vote for Norma just about the best without home loading.Federal a damn good second, i was always disapointed with Winchester and i tried it in 22-250 and 243.Good luck.

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    Thanks you all for the answers, it looks like I am going out to try and acquire some Norma and Feds in 100 grain SP. Once I do I will group them and let you all know how I got on. By the amount of answers with regards to the lighter rounds and Home Loading it looks like Hornady 87gr BTHP are the ones to go for when I do get the HL kit.

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    Try & persevere with the best performing 100 GRAIN factory rounds in your rifle, & when you get your reloading gear improve on them, 87 grain is obviously OK for some stalkers, but outside the rules for the larger stuff.
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    Tikka are made by sako so thy must use sako bullets when thy test them in my t3 i use 100 grain gameheads clover leaf at 150 mtrs yours martyn

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    I won a box of the cheap Privi Partisan 100gr .243 bullets at a stalkers shoot.
    With my Tikka T3 [now sold] it shot about half-inch groups at 100 yards.


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