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Thread: Good Buck

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    Good Buck

    Took a big mate out this morning and we worked an old bit of ground that i have neglected for years but now i am back. Ian had asked if i new of anywhere he might get him self a real trophy. So i sugested the dech an area that i work for years and that had given me some quality stalking. Well i drew first blood shooting a standard six pointer. The i got the phone call Ian had connected with a very large animal i had seen while out Lamping. I am sure he wont forget this one a 5o mtr crawl and a 120 mtr shot off sticks. Well done that man.
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    Well done Ian it looks a lot better than the text you sent me this morning,

    as said the "Dech" does produce some quaity stalking,

    I took this chap late eve. on the 22nd.

    All the best Buck

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    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Well done ian and billy,ian your pal davie must have done well to get you on that has been eluding me and my big mate for a few days.been watching it but couldnt get the safe shot.nice head though a bit thin at the bottom.billies is not very long but really thick at bottom,good to see them in good shape hung up the camera then davie,guns out now

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    Looks like the Scottish contingent done all right for easter Roe bucks .
    Great what you can do when you take a bolt with you kennyc that is antagonistic.

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    Look'n good Bob, you've been busy then.!!

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Been doing alright down here to,just a couple from last week.
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    Nice beast bob yep the scots done ok infact beter than ok this weekend. Taln i only took big Ian to the ground the stalking was up to him .I think he now realises that being six foot 5 is only a problem if you forget to bend down. With regards the camera it will still be with me as always but i have decided to make sure my freezer stays full this year.Ps no worry,s about you and homer and that buck there is no way he is the same animal so keep at it he is still around. Dawn raider thats a nice buck and a reasonable consolation for the English LMFAO.

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    What you can't see is they're twice the size of your wee scotch ones.

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    Dawnraider you might be right mate some of them English beast are pretty big but the stalk is not only about the size of the animal. For me its the full ambiance
    The ground my buck was took off this morning.

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