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Thread: 6 point spring buck.............

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    6 point spring buck.............

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    After a few outings over the last week, I finally caught up with this big boy helping himself to the recently planted Scots Pine saplings on our patch.

    After stalking in on him to around 170 yards the 25-06 with 117 grain soft points did the business. A nice six pointer in good condition with plenty of meat on the bones. The oven is pre-heating in anticipation.
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    Nice buck, Well done. FM.

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    Quite thick beams a nice animal well done

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    I thought you might be busy.


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    Nice-looking buck. Congratulations.

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    Cheers guys, I was quite please with him.

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    well done mate nice looking animal. got three last week but none as big as that fellow.

    atb f.

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    Cheers Frank your freezer must be briming full........I'm hoping to get out a few times over the bank holiday to see if anything else is moving about. Lets hope the weather keeps up. Good luck.

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