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Thread: Roe Hounds???

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    Roe Hounds???

    Afternoon Gents,

    I've been given two boxes of 'Stalking Magazines' by the Son-in-Law of my late boss, a great hunting, shooting, fishing and stalking character (he ran 'my' little shoot for 35 years+!)

    They make excellent reading and date from about 1988-1993. In many of them there's quite a lot of (understandable!) outrage about packs of 'Roe Hounds' being established.

    I was a wee nipper in 1990ish and so have never heard of this. Was it widely practiced? What hounds were used? Was it 'banned' or did it just fizzle out? Were the roe caught by the hounds or held at bay like staghounds do?

    Sounds like a fairly unpleasant (and probably quite inefficient!) way to tackle my favourite deer. I'd be grateful for any information you chaps can provide.


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    Wasn`t Roe hounds a collective name for dogs used in conjunction with deer of all species including the pre ban era?
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Beagles were and are used for Roe whereas "Foxhound" type hounds tended to be used for Fallow and as you know Staghounds are used for Red.

    It was not banned as such, just that these small private buckhound packs were never recognised by the Masters of Deerhounds Association or for that matter the Masters of Foxhounds Association who somewhat looked down their noses at such packs. However like all other forms of hunting with hounds they suffered the same fate. Prior to the ban several packs existed around the country and provided some very fine sport.

    All I can tell you from personal experiance is that when using Beagles the roe is shot. Like all forms of hunting it is far from unpleasant and is infact tremendous fun. Unlike red which will tend to take a line, roe tend to run in large circles and hounds can be followed from a good vantage point somewhat like beagleing.

    It was never intended to be efficient but to provide sport for those who appreciate watching hounds work.

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    you would be best of with a pack of saluki whipets!!


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    Charlie - I meant no offence, apologies if any was caused - the way I read the articles gave the impression that the hounds caught and killed the roe - it sounds like it was more like staghunting - something I've never been lucky enough to see, but would love to. I have followed foxhounds, beagles and seen a lot of NCC coursing, but stag and minkhounds are still on my to do list!

    Dave - no such thing as a pack of saluki x's - far too independently minded for that!!
    Mine's now 8, and has a steel plate in her leg so is meant to only work in a consultancy role when I'm ferreting now - fat chance! She catches as many rabbits as the 4 year old I got in to take the pressure off her.

    Guess where the bunny bolted from - she's the lighter of the brindles!

    I don't lamp her any more, though I'm sure she could cope, I don't think my nerves could!!


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    Down here dogfish are locally known as roe hounds although i suspect its probabably rou hounds shortend from rough hound,sorry about this useless bit of information.

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    No offence taken, infact such a thing didn't for one second enter my mind and I'm sorry if my reply suggested so.

    I don't doubt that some were killed by hounds, particularly if hung up in wire or if a gun was not quick enough to get to the bay.

    You really must take the time out one day to come and watch the Staghounds, even with the ban they still manage some good days. If you do manage it give me a shout and I'll take you out to follow them in the truck.

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    There has been the odd pack of roe hounds now and again over the past couple of centuries but they never really worked and they all died out. I seem to remember that the roe didn't provide a good enough run compared with the reds. G. Kenneth Whitehead has written a fair bit about them.

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    salukiwippet,there was a pack of Buckhounds that hunted out of North Devon some years ago. As with all country sports, it's good to attend and see how it all takes place before forming an opinion. I followed foxhounds for several years with my old companion (who sadly died 2 years ago) and when the "local" buckhounds came to our area we went for a look. As Charlie T says a roe will take a circular run and will cover the same ground several times. Five times was suggested to me by someone with more knowledge on the subject. It showed good hound work but I decided I'd stick to a rifle as my chosen form of deer control.
    I've also followed the Stag hounds hunting over Exmoor. Sadly, it was after the ban was introduced so the chance to see and hear the pack in full cry was lost. I still enjoyed my day. Red deer are a very interesting animal to watch when they are being hunted. If you get the chance, take up Charlie T on his offer, to go out with someone who knows the country gives you a good basis from which to form your opinion.

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