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Thread: what does npfr for stud dog mean

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    what does npfr for stud dog mean

    hi all probaly a silly question but i have not noticed this next to stud fees before what does npfr mean,many thanks

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    NP normally sands for not proven but i dont know the rest.

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    In horses FR means free return.

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    As stated by the other two, Not Proven Free Return, so if your bitch doesn't catch on the first time at stud, she gets to go back for another go on the house!

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    No proven means its the dogs first time or he has shagged a few and they have blanked . Be carefull but to an NP dog you can get a good deal even a free stud.

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    I would assume it would be similar to the horses?
    NFFR - no foal free return
    NPFR - no pregnancy/pups free return

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