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Thread: Building a high-seat?

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    Building a high-seat?

    I've just pulled down a (vacant) timber-framed building on the farm, leaving me with a lot of joists, rafters and other long lengths of good-quality timber. I don't want to burn it, when it could be put to good use for constructing several permanent high-seats. I use a portable aluminium high-seat at present, which creaks at the slightest movement.

    I imagine many stalkers on here have gone down the self-build route. The legs/ladder section I can knock up easily, but the bracing, seat and rifle rest parts require some thought. I'd be really interested in any photos or descriptions anyone has on building high-seats.

    Any advice would be welcome!

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    This is a wooden High seat I have.

    I also use portable metal seats but the wooden seat does give you a little luxury and seats two people.
    Yes maintenance is an issue with them but half a day a year repainting and checking general condition is not too much for anyone.

    The added bonus of a seat like this is that I have a locking door which helps prevent unwanted guests from getting into the seating area.

    Let me know if you want measurements etc.

    All the best


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    That's a neat and robust-looking hide, Ben. At this stage I'm just going to build some lean-to seats. A stand-alone hide will be a project for later in the year.

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    sikamalc may be able to help you,he sent me some plans.good luck.

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    That is acracking looking seat, I have used somthing similar (slightly higher) more akin to a machine gun nest at a POW camp in the past and was trying to think of the best way to describe it. great in the bad weather and spaciouse.

    I make my own seats out of metal but may try knocking somthing like that up in the future.


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    Err, here is one I made earlier.
    4x2 tanelised timber. 60cm long steps, with 1/8" rebate into the rails to hold the steps. Need to be careful to get the seat height right for your height. I later added another member at the rear of the seat, the bit that touches the tree half way up between the top and bottom ones.
    Metal ones are a lot lighter and will last longer if you have a welder.

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    This is a double free standing highseat that i built out of 1" box section steel. I also built 2 lean too`s, same as above but obviously without the back legs.
    I have built quite a few now, 2 for stone only a few months ago.


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    this a preliminary sketch of an idea i had, i wanted something to last all weathers you know..

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    What are the size and weight of the sections that make it portable!!

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    Do you reckon you could powder-coat that, Xim?

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