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Thread: Pictures from Norway

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    Pictures from Norway

    Some pictures from huntigg ground where I use to shooting partridge, walking and are taken some years ago..

    one shot, one skill

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    Im pretty sure they are Willow grouse that you huntup there lrieper wrong spelling but im sure you know wat i mean.....

    Where in Norge are you??? i spend a few months every year working as a sau klipper.....

    Hilsen nell

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    Yes, they look like yours grouse with some local varinants, this is area on south/east border of Jotunheimen.... deer likes this hillsides...view on my huntig ground during red stag stalking....

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    a very special place this is, I've skied there many times, it must be good hunting there!!

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    Yes...hunting is good and you need to be fit.....Me and my friends use cabins where we stay during the hunting... all suplies we take with us on ours back home...I am lucky to have red deer, moose and reindeer in the same terrain...but on different "levels"....

    This "Castle" we use during reindeer huntig, sometimes if we go deep into the terein we bring tent with us ....this is on ca. 900 m above see level....

    one shot, one skill

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    Fantastic photo's, what a place to live!

    I've always wanted to visit Norway and now even more than ever! Just need to convince my wife and knowing her these photo's will help do the trick, she like a good walk and wide open spaces!!

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    Last year, snow has just desapeared....
    one shot, one skill

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