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    Hello all,

    I am told that I've got to introduce myself so here we are. Born and bred in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire, I've arrived via London to the Sussex/Hampshire border. A fair bit of hill stalking under my belt with a bit of woodland too which I'm hoping to build on. DSC 1 is on the list for me to do this year to make sure that I'm not bringing any bad habits across with me! Apart from deer, I'd like one day to have a crack at boar (not the canned hunting stuff but the more down to Earth variety) and possibly some antelope, etc. in Africa in the distant future, funds permitting! Always open to suggestions on what to try. Currently own a 0.308 but would consider getting a Swede or another flatter calibre. See you all out there!


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    hi zeissman
    welcome to the site what part of our fair county are you from? im based just south of abingdon at weekends and hampshire week days.
    what make is your 308.

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    Hi Zeissman, welcome to the site. Speaking as a bit of a calibre tart, take it from me, you're well armed with your .308. It will serve you just as well as any other, and better than quite a few.
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    Cool Slow response

    Hi Harry Mac and Marineboy,

    Sorry - only worked out tonight that someone responded to this! Glad to hear that 0.308 is still the order of the day. Just got it back with slightly shortened barrel and its new mod and I'm feeling pretty smug... It's a CZ 550 lux. Much as I would LOVE a Steyr M, I thought that I'd chuck the budget into a 3-12 Duralyt scope and the ATec mod. I'm originally from Woodstock, then near Banbury, then Henley and now Haslemere/Hurstbourne Priors for work. Funnily enough Marineboy, I've spent a lot of time in Clifton Hampden recently!

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    Welcome to the site, I've got a CZ 550 in 6.5X55 lovely rifle.

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    where's clifton hampden sounds like the ends of the earth ha ha

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    Hello !
    I am a new member. Would a newcomer be warmly welcome here? Good day you guy !

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