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    I am looking to buy a new rifle i have been advised on both tika t3 and sako 85 .They are both in my price range Can someone please advise what is best pound for pound rifle

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    The Tikka is sort of a budget version of the Sako... made in the same factory using many of the same components but the T3 has a plastic trigger guard and magazine, a little less refined if you like. Performance wise you'll struggle to separate them
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    Noone can make that call. the final choice has to be yours they can both shoot better than you so find a good shop and handle them both. if the shop has acess to a range even better. My advice would be buy the one you feel most comfortable handling remember you could be buying something to last years I have one sako and two tikkas and still find them all a joy to use.
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    I have a Sako 75 in .243 Win. It is an excelent rifle which i bought second hand but still shoots as if it were new. I have never used an 85 but have heard that they are even better than the 75. Tikka rifles are made in the same factory as Sako rifles but are more of a budget rifle, as the Sako's have a specific action for each specific caliber (making a smooth bolt action)whereas Tikka use a few different sizes and adapt the magazine and bolt to each. They are both good rifles but if you can afford it buy the Sako and it will serve you for a life time.

    However if to buy the Sako and have to sacrifice on a quality scope it would be better to buy the Tikka and get a top quality scope.

    I hope this helps (if it even makes sense!)



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    hello for what my opinion is worth sako 85 all the way

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    I got a sako 85 and a tikka t3 accuracy is the same sako is just built better imho

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    I faced the same dilema last year, I went with the Tikka as I couldn't really rationalise the 50% premium for the Sako 85 but perhaps wonder now if I should have gone with the Sako...

    Tikka shoots well, smooth bolt, reliable as a reliable thing.

    Incidentally I also own a custom .260 based on a Sako 75 so do have a frame for comparison.

    You won't be dissapointed in either...

    Oh, the Tikka has 2 locking lugs, the Sako 3. If that bothers you.

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    Have both, t3 in .243 and 85 in .270, I doubt the t3 will ever see the light of day again. If you wanna save a few pennies get the t3, better rifle get the sako 85

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    I bought my first riflelast year and the T3 and SAKO 85 were 2 of the 3 rifles I was goingto chose between ( the third being a Mannlicher). In the end I got aSAKO 85 Bavarian, which in my eyes is beautiful and I enjoy takingout of the cabinet to oil the wood and clean it as well as to stalkwith it.

    As others have said theT3 has several plastic components which do not add to the aesthetics. Another “disadvantage” of the T3 is that the length of theaction is the same for all callibers.

    My advice would be tohave a look at a number of rifles and choose the one that ticks allYOUR boxes whatever they might be (weight, balance, wood, synthetic,finish, budget, threaded, iron sights, mag, floor plate....). In thatway you will hopefully end up with a beautiful piece of kit that youwill enjoy using for years to come.

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    Thx all for your replies I have tryed both and like them both I think it down to the flip of a coin

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