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    help needed

    hi all,

    what it is there is loads of real tree/camo and plain coloured jackets/trousers but what is best for summer woodland stalking as iwant to buy myself a new set . at the moment it is mole skins and a old army camo jacket.
    i want something light and not sweat a stone of everytime i am out.
    please lads what would be best.

    atb chris

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    I've used a Deerhunter Montana 5-in-1 jacket now for the last 5 years and wear it almost daily!
    It has a soft lightweight outer shell, a removable waterproof membrane, and a zip in fleece. You can therefore keep all yer stuff in the pockets of just one outer jacket and adjust the inside bits to suit the weather of the day!
    How good is that!? For the money they are excellent jackets and very versatile.
    I have a pair of thick waterproof musto trousers for the cold and wet and wear army combat 95's in the summer/dry.
    The Montana trousers are not hard wearing enough as the knees take some stick, but the jacket is still going strong!

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    As you might know I've been selling the advantages of mil surplus stuff for stalking where no one will see you so you don't care what you look like. Most of my argument is that the gear works well and costs very little. I like the DPM windproof smocks but they can suck the heat out of the sun a little bit and it may be that is what you are trying to avoid.

    I believe that the newer version of the windproof smock with the MTP cammo pattern are treated with some sort of heat reflecting dye or something, I guess for use in hotter areas where our troops are at present, and so they might work well in summer. There are a few of them about on the likes of ebay though they are expensive (50ish) at present as it seems they are "trendy" and so fetching a premium! Here is an example, needless to say don't pay this money:

    Wash some waterproofing into it and it will be pretty waterproof and ideal for summer wear.

    I have an MTP shirt which I acquired just to see what the pattern was like and I am of the view that it works well especially in sunlit forest edge and the like. Of course what the deer think of it is another matter.

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    The item mentioned is a Special ops Smock and not your standard issue Smock, hence the price and also the gent that makes them for me is ex spec ops and applies all his knowledge in what forces personnel require from a jacket. He personally makes each jacket to order and designed them for the forces purpose. They are considerably more expensive than the standard issue one but are of a much higher quality. But i also stock the standard issue smocks as well to which i have even sold them for as little as 20 just recently.

    Many thanks for the mention by the way and appreciate all comment good or bad

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    in hotter weather stalking i wear a ubacs shirt in multicam we get issued there pretty good and cheap on ebay
    my poor coat hanger is buckleing under the weight of jackets i own but my favorite is my jaht jaki suit and my seeland beeters jacket thats what i always seem to grab i wore the jaht jaki hind stalking this winter and it was fantastic despite the weather
    i hate wearing any waterproof trousers in any weather just some decent khaki combats do me

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    I think i am all sorted now i am trying the browning light Expo jacket and the prestige trousers.

    thanks chris

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