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Thread: Trophy or not?

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    Trophy or not?

    Bit of a novice when it comes to Trophy's, usually just shoot for the freezer.

    Shot this chap a few days ago, boiled it out and showed it to a friend.

    He rekon's it could be a possible Trophy.

    (wet weight is 560g)

    Your opinions please Lads ?

    Rgds, Buck.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    buck, i found this some time ago i think i got from the basc web, its not exact but a good guide.
    The span should be measured at its widest point,
    which may be at the tip of the antlers or lower down.
    Just in case you are considering submitting a trophy for measurement, here are the guideline measurements for the roe:
    The most important facet of a roe trophy is its weight in grammes, which accounts for about 35% of the entire score. Because many trophies are cut to individual preferences, home mis-measurements are often made. In effect we are seeking the net weight of the trophy as if standard cut, which is from the highest point of the dome of the skull, through the eye sockets and mid-way through the nasal bone.
    The volume of the antlers (measured by dipping in water) accounts for a further 45% of the total score, and of the remaining 20% about half is in the average length of antler (ideally between 20 and 30 cms) and the final half is the beauty points, awarded for such qualities as pearling, symmetry and length of tines.
    In general, to qualify;
    A bronze medal will need a dry net weight of at least 365 grammes (455 full-skull) and a volume of at least 150 ccs.
    A silver will require a dry net weight of at least 420 grammes (510 full-skull) and a volume of at least 165 ccs.
    A gold requires a weight of 480 grammes (570 full-skull) and a volume of 200 ccs.
    However there is considerable variation due mainly to the age of the buck and also to the quality of beauty points. Trophies of 450 grammes net have been known to make gold, and trophies of over 400 grammes sometimes fail to make even bronze.

    The length should be measured from
    the tip of the antler to the cornet.
    Nevertheless a trophy of 26 cms length, of 365 grammes net weight and 150 ccs in volume, scoring full marks for span and average marks for each of the beauty points will score a total of 105.5 points, achieving bronze.

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    Looks like a nice silver medal to me.....

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    looks very nice, hope he makes the grade for you.


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    Was your friend a very knowlagable chap UB if so why not take his word for it. But if you really want it apraised you will need to wait the ninty days. looks like a bronze to me unless it is longer than it looks.

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    I'd say a definite medal, the weight is enough for a silver or gold but it looks a little short in length for a gold, difficult to tell from the photos. If I had to put money on it I'd say a good silver.

    If you could give an idea of the length of each antler and the span you'd get a better idea.

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    Take it with you to the Scottish Game Fair at Scone in July, there is normally trophy measurement there. I had a bronze once and that certainly looks a lot thicker and heavier than mine. Monarch mounted my buck and some good pictures at Bronze medal Roe buck just completed.

    That chap is a bronze by one point. With yours shoot another big buck later in the summer when his coat is in full summer glory - just before the rut and the send it up to Bill to do a mount for you. A nice thing to have - don't worry about the none trophy hunters comments - they are just jealous!

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    their all trophies if they mean something to you , which they all should , thats a nice looking buck to mount on the wall possible medal and i hope it is , but is that what its all about ? a bit of stay bright metal

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    Well done Uncle Buck, if it helps I,ve attached a link to CIC booklet about Roe measuring, now you can be "knowledgeable" too. lol, lmfao, "but hey" ha ha etc etc
    Charlie1,s should give you enough to go on as well.

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    A nice head there U.B. a deffo medal.
    But to me a "trophy" doesn't have to be a medal animal merely one for the wall which has some history to it.
    "One to remember".
    Kind regards John

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