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Thread: How early/late

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    How early/late

    Got woken up this AM at 05:19 by a large calibre shot,,unmoderated, about a mile away...of course I was like,,wishing it was me, as surely it was a buck anyway stayed awake thinking about stalking until I had to get on my way to work well,,also wondering why after the first shot there was a successive 2nd and 3rd within a 30 second period....maybe someone needs to learn to shoot......

    I've been out 3 times this weekend, mornings and evenings...started 06:30 AM and usually finishing around 20:45...

    Maybe I've been missing the early morning buck due to getting out too late??? usually in summer I will be out at 05:00 or 05:30,,but in April

    when do you guys get out and back this month (April/May)?

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    0415 hrs back for 1200 hrs scran back out at 1500hrs back when it is dark.

    be first .

    Be sitting on the ground for the light coming up, sit and sit some more, don't be too hasty to walk let the morning come alive and glass every thing , it will pay well in the end.

    Took me a while to learn and a lot of dry days, watching my old man come home every time with the prize and being laughed at , learn ed me to watch before walking ,now i get the prize .

    He now shoots them with a camera . nothing like learning from experience

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    You got it WS , its broad daylight here now at 6.30 am waist of time going out then

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    can't believe it's light that early already, better start setting the alarm a bit earlier after the Mrs will start getting REALLY annoyed

    Funny though, last summer I was shooting most of my bucks around 7:00 - 07:30am, but there's no disturbance on my ground so I guess there's no 'people pressure' for them during the normal daylight hours. I once read that you can sometimes catch a big elusive buck out, by showing up at a completely unpredictable time of day, say 14:00 to 17:00, as he will be used to stalkers coming early and late and will therefore have adopted his feeding pattern.

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    I shot a 6 point Roe buck on Saturday morning in full daylight at 05.17 - we were slightly late getting onto the ground at 05.00 and the light was already coming up fast. The buck was dressed out and I was having a restorative snooze in a high seat by 06.30hrs

    It's almost that time of year again when it's almost not worth leaving the ground between last light and first light, particularly north of Glasgow. Last year, I think we were still on the ground at 23.00hrs and back on for 03.15hrs, with a trip to the larder in between

    As Bob says, you need to be in position (highseat or natural vantage point) on your ground at or before first light to catch the deer moving from from their night time feeding areas back to cover. If you are in position and let the world settle around you, you'll have much more chance of that perfect buck wandering past enjoying the sun on his back...


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    Ive Shot a few this weekend dates for April and times 16th 0630;17th0615;22nd0615;24th0700;25th0600;The early bird has been catching the worm

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    My first buck of the season was shot at 10.10am, it had been raining heavily until 9.15am so I stayed in my sleeping bag in the caravan until then. As soon as it stopped, kettle on, coffee and out. Durin g the long days of May and June I always take my rifle with me for a post lunch wander, got a nice buck last year at about 13.00. Its along time between dusk and dawn and they have to be out feeding several times between the two during the longer days.

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    [QUOTE=widows son.

    Be sitting on the ground for the light coming up, sit and sit some more, don't be too hasty to walk let the morning come alive and glass every thing , it will pay well in the end.[/QUOTE]

    +1 Sound Advice Bob.

    To many in to much of a hurry. !

    Rgds, Buck.
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    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    went out this Tuesday morning at 5.30 - - we were at least 45 mins late !


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    Well Bob i wish others would try that aproach i have always said the stalk only starts after you see deer. If your moving you aint looking and if you aint looking you wont see. Started at 5 on sat it was light enough to scan at 520 and the weather was bad. over cast and raining

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