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Thread: Looking for the Wisdom of His Elders!

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    Looking for the Wisdom of His Elders!

    Hi Guys. I'm Jamie. I'm possibly one of the younger members (22) so look forward to learning lots from you experienced guys. I've been into shooting for quite a few years and work part time as an Underkeeper on a local shoot, alongside my uni studies, helping with all sorts from vermin control to releasing poults.
    Stalking is a new direction for me, but has interested me for a while now. Booked my first outing for mid May so will let you know how I get on!

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    Hello Jamie and welcome - - there's every chance you will learn a bit of Wisdom from your Elders on here - - but believe me - - most of the Elders on here are still learning ! - - - every day's a schoolday.


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