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Thread: Www. Waynes weekend wonderland

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    Www. Waynes weekend wonderland

    I was lucky enough to be invited up to waynes this weekend for a couple
    of days stalking that would end with a cull night with members from the site
    that wayne had invited jon 243 varmint i had allready met the rest it was a
    pleasure to meet you all .

    I arrived sunday afternoon for a warm welcome from wayne and chris
    and we had a good old natter and a barbie which was gratefully recieved
    that evening wayne decided to stalk some muntjac ground where wayne had
    spotted a wily old buck .
    we made our way to the ground on a glorious sunny evening as we neared the
    highseat MAX waynes topclass gsp was winding as if to show something was about
    we reached the seat and made ourselves comfortable on the wait for a the buck
    we waited patiently for about 90 minutes hardly moving and making no sound but for the
    odd whisper with gloves and face masks to better our chances .
    it was a ride we were covering about ten metres wide so if he did show i would have
    to be sharp with no noise to alarm my quarry .
    sure enough about 8 .15 the buck appeared at 80 yds on the ride i positioned the rifle
    for the shot but the buck was still moving the cross hairs were on him but i knew the
    ninja would try and stop him with a call this he did and the buck paused just as he was
    about to disappear into cover . as he stopped i squeezed off i cursed as i said to wayne
    id pulled the shot he said no the bucks down . as we approached i was relived to see
    the buck lying there dead with a perfect mid shot just behind the shoulder .
    back to waynes for a quick beer then off to the b=b to bed as we had an early start
    the next morning .

    sunday morning up at 3 .30 at waynes for 4 .15 as we travelled to more of waynes
    ground for first light to try for fallow and cull roe bucks .
    we entered the first field into the wind and down to the top of a wood where a group of
    fallow were spotted earlier in the week plan was to catch them out in the field feeding
    to try for a shot .
    As we were stalking along the top of the wood i spotted a large dog fox sat up looking
    at us in the next field at 350 yards too far off the sticks even for me
    we carried on and as we approached a gate we were alerted as three roe were coming
    straight at us they spotted us and started to go right handed one young six pointer
    a cull buck and a doe wayne up he sticks readying for a shot when a fallow pricket
    appeared from nowhere right in the middle of them he had been led behind a wall and
    was alerted as the roe ran past him waynes said to take the pricket which i did the roe
    ran away from us out into a very large field .
    wayne gralloched the pricket as i had left my knife in his truck he said yeah i have met
    your type before
    as wayne was finishing up i spotted the roe were making their way back towards us to
    get back to the wood we grabbed the sticks and attempted for the cull animal he made
    his way towards us unsteady knowing something was up he would not go broadside which made me a bit twitchy he kept coming still not right when he did i pulled the shot
    back to far but the buck made five yards and collapsed he then sat up so we got a better angle and i finished him with a shot to head off the sticks i said to wayne if id
    only done that with the first shot .
    all was well as the buck was stone dead with a centered head shot .
    that completed a weekend Mc Nab with three different species
    we had a drive around and saw some lovely young bucks then returned to wayes for
    brekkie and then hunting videoes from around the world .

    that afternoon the stalking directory boys turned up where wayne and chris kindly put on a barbie where we had a good chat before we made off for the cull evening
    I am sure the guys involved will add there own posts .
    i was poisitioned by a pheasant pen in a highseat where a cold wind delevoped so a no
    show for me . I had allready had a fantastic weekend in great company .
    thanks very much wayne for a truly memorable weekend you do so much for like minded
    stalkers your a credit to the site and to stalking .
    myself and jake look forward to seeing you and andy back down here .
    regards pete .

    ps please add photos form your new camera

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    Pete, it was a pleasure to meet you at the get together. You run a good BBQ!

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    simon likewise good to put faces to names hope to catch up again sometime good luck with your rifle
    glad you enjoyed the barbie not to burnt then from waynes flame thrower
    regards pete .

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    Hi Pete
    Bloody hell mate you were quick with that write up

    Good to see you mate and all the other lads, thanks for your good shooting.

    I'll add a few photos of yours mate, I'll wait for Jonathon (major shares in hartleys jam) .243 to post before I add his photo


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    Nice photos wayne
    all that realtree I can only see heads. LOL
    thats why you kept me off the munties the other week.(only joking mate).

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    hi wayne
    yeah the missus recons im really quick mate
    now youve got the new camera and you take such good photos
    you should sell me your blaser and i can be even quicker
    regards pete .

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    Muntjac cull

    Wayne its no wonder the muntjac didnt want to play ball it must have been like a scene from dads army watching you lot pile out of the trucks all tooled up

    Nice trio pete, its just as well you arrived early to help fill the chiller up and dont think we havent noticed that nice shiny new pair of rf leicas around your neck.

    Seriusly though it looks like you all had a great time and at the end of the day thats what its all about.

    Jon i hope the buck makes a medal for you mate

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    Hi Pete,great write up mate it was good to meet you on the sunday,well done


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    john a great weekend mate as you will have experienced not my binos honest mate
    I found them at the bottom of the high seat I think they must be clives but dont tell
    him hes not getting them back cus there rather good
    regards pete .

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    Cor...if the Devil could cast his net, what a posse you lot would make!

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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