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Thread: Blaser iron sight

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    Blaser iron sight

    Hello, a quick question for any blaser experts. The foresight on my blaser was removed long ago by the previous owner when it was screw cut. It now has a reflex moderator and a 50mm objective scope, but it still has the original rear sight in place.

    At low mag I can see the sight and it annoys me given that it will never be used. I understood that the sight is somehow pinned in place. Can it be removed? Is it better left where it is?


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    I don't see Blasers here, but if it's like most rifles, the rear sight can be drifted right or left as it rides in a dovetail cut in barrel, or in a barrel-mounted sight base. Take a brass (non marring) drift punch and tap it sideways out of the dovetail cut. See if that's the case.~Muir

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    you have to destroy it to remove it. a sharp blow down with a chisel will remove the adjustable bit revealing a nut which can be removed by a screwdriver. a 3mm rod will be left when you remove the main body, which you might get out or it might snap. i have 3 barrels, 2 have all sights removed, one has the rear sight left in situ. alan rhone used to give replacement sight kits away for free, i think open season now charge for them.

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    If you remove the rear sight blade on the Blaser sight, there is a small threaded pin fixing the sight to the barrel, it can be screwed out, the sight is usually also glued to the barrel, but this should come off without damage.

    There is an Alternative, get the fore-sight mounted on the thread cover......

    Steve Kershaw's handy work, I need to get the stainless matt blacked.

    I know, I know, I am pretty anal.....

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    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I've been looking forward to seeing this Brian.

    Nice job.

    Have you got any black eggshell in the house?

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    That is a really neat job Brian, I'm impressed.

    My Blaser was "factory" screw cut and has a little screw on the barrel top just short of the thread protector so I guess that is intended for a front sight. Your job looks even neater though as it puts the front sight right at the end of the barrel.

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    Thank you All. So as I understand it, once I have forced the adjustable v-notch piece out I can then unscrew (and overcome the glue) holding on the rear sight base. I am then left with a threaded pin coming out of the barrel, which I can hopefully remove and replace with a flush fitting screw. Is the barrel left smooth once this has been done.

    I like the idea of open sights. The rifle is a bit unweildy with a huge stainless wildcat moderator on. Its like hanging a brick on the end of it. With out that and the large scope it would be a wand, but I doubt I would shoot it as accurately.

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