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Thread: Coats again!!

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    Coats again!!

    Anyone used Ridgeline or stoneycreek or hunters element stuff? Kiwi Import, it looks and sounds good but just want to know if it get used here by anyone?

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    look back or search for ridgeline thread

    i have a ridgeline roar jacket bought for 99 quid the previous thread had the link to the page....dunnoe if still get it for 99 quid or not

    had it on at the grouse beating in galeforce winds on top o the angus glens in horizontal persisting down rain and it was a godsend.....

    it was amazing for the cash

    believe they do a smock style jacke t too similar to swazi.....ridgleine monsoon i called

    limited experience of em but mine has been very very positive....on the back of it would buy any of rest o their cut

    sauer /paul

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    i have two stoneycreek smocks very good value ,one is waterproof and the other is showerproof ,only problem is they only have one breast pocket

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    I have the ridgeline monsoon jacket, the dogs b***ocks in my opinion. Stood up to some real weather the winter just gone, highly recommended

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    I bought a Ridgeline Roar Euro Jacket BR Cammo Jacket (Size: XL). I wasn't impressed how the hood was attached and sent it back without wearing it. I also wasn't impressed with the quality of the stitching or finish of the jacket.

    The hunt still goes on for a quiet, lightweight waterproof realtree jacket. The best jacket I have had is a Shark one, but they aren't made any more.

    Rgds JCS

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    Most of my stuff is stoney creek. It is probably the most popular brand of hunting clothes used in the high country of Australia. Great stuff. Even though they're not advertised as fully waterproof, the sambar jacket and the sika top both really take a soaking before you get wet. The shooters jacket really is fully waterproof.

    The Stoney Creek gear also takes a lot of physical abuse and rough use in it's stride. Great gear.

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    JCS, have a look at :

    Baleno is a big Belgian Company. Waterproof tissue is their speciality. Covers for truck trailers , etc...... I have their New Alaska and still very waterproof after 2 or 3 seasons, but not quiet for stalking. This Skryt jacket is very light and comfortable.

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    if you can wait....have a look at the rivers west pro smock http://www.swillingtonshootingsuppli...d-Pro-Smock-M/
    comes with bino pocket, handwarmers and ammo pocket
    i have a ranger jacket and trousers that are the bizz during the winter we have just had.

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    Ridgeline smock the best ive had so far

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    Quote Originally Posted by alaskagray View Post
    Ridgeline smock the best ive had so far
    Ditto, bought one a few months ago 125, it is the mutz nuts.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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